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General Update (22/03/2009)

Any items with incomplete or inaccurate details (such as extremely low prices, low quality or inappropriate images, or incomplete details) will not be made visible on the main page slideshow. This slideshow generates quite a number of views for the items displayed and it is therefore strongly suggested that item details are complete.

Auto Directory Updated (15/03/2009)

The Auto Directory has been updated and all major companies eligible for complimentary Basic Listing have been added. The Auto Directory currently lists over 1,000 motor-related enterprises from all around Malta and Gozo. Leading companies are encouraged to purchase Premium Listing which offers features such as a company logo, a link to the company website and brief description of the services provided by the company in order to ensure maximum exposure to their target audience.

Earning a Reputation (09/03/2009)

MaltaCarMarket.com breaks personal records! With over 130 visits and over 1,900 pageviews in just one day (Sunday, 8th March 2009), MaltaCarMarket.com has definitely started to establish itself as one of the fastest growing websites on the Maltese islands, with the number of pageviews surpassing those of some of the top sites around.

Statistics also prove that visitors find the site to their interest and liking with a bounce rate (the percentage of people who leave the site after a short amount of time) of just 1.53% and an overall average time spent on the site of nearly 10 minutes!

Comments such as:

prove beyond a doubt that the general public find the services provided by MaltaCarMarket.com to be of professional quality.

MaltaCarMarket.com currently has over 50 items listed and appears to be growing quite rapidly!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all users and visitors once again and ask that any comments or feedback be sent to info@maltacarmarket.com

Spreading the Word (05/03/2009)

A classified advert aimed to attract potential buyers and sellers alike is due to be printed in the 'Vehicles for Sale' classified section of The Sunday Times on the 8th of March 2009.

This will hopefully contribute to the rapid growth of the website which currently has over 30 items listed in just over 3 weeks since launch.

MaltaCarMarket.com would like to take this opportunity to thank all current users and assure them that the utmost is being done to bring the website to the forefront of the motoring industry including ongoing talks with top companies. We are confident that these will yield positive results in the near future.

Auto Directory Updated (04/03/2009)

The Auto Directory search engine has been updated to generate results more consistent with the keywords specified. This is just one of the many slight improvements made in these past weeks. The website is constantly monitored and kept updated by a dedicated team.

Any companies eligible for the complimentary Basic Listing in the Auto Directory are also currently being analysed and added to the Auto Directory. The target completion date for all major companies to be listed in the Auto Directory is the 15th of March 2009.

Official Launch (11/02/2009)

MaltaCarMarket.com has been officially launched on the 11th of February 2009. We sincerely hope that the services provided by MaltaCarMarket.com are put to good use by the general public in order to maximise their buying or selling potential.

Thank you for visiting!



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