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Search Improved (26/02/2010)

Sold items will no longer be visible in the search results when searching from the Search Bar found on every page throughout MaltaCarMarket.com. In order to view sold items, navigate to the advanced search through "Buy" → "Buy Vehicles" or "Buy" → "Buy Parts & Accessories" through the menu bar and ensure that the "Show Sold Items" checkbox is ticked.

Seller Details will not be available for items which have been sold.

MaltaCarMarket.com continues to grow and is constantly receiving over 200 visits a day! Thank you once again to all those who continue to support us and help us provide you with a better service!

Join us on Facebook (02/02/2010)

We invite you to join our facebook group for news, discussions, offers, reviews and more.

Wishing you all a Prosperous New Year (01/01/2010)

It's 2010 and although MaltaCarMarket.com has been launched less than a year ago, we have made quite an impact on the local market with over 1,000 items listed! And this couldn't have been done without your help. All those who have made use of our services, all those who have registered (over 1,000 also) and all those who have passed on the word, if it were not for you, we wouldn't be where we are today.

I must also mention those who have made use of our advertising services and those who have chosen to be Premium Listed in our Auto Directory. We are going through tough times, yet these companies still choose to put us, their customers, before their financial needs and, for this, I highly recommend each and every one of them.

So thank you all once again, for your feedback, opinions, suggestions, praise and criticism. Our success is entirely down to you and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again and wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!

Fastlane advertise on MaltaCarMarket.com (29/12/2009)

Fastlane Ltd. are one of the leading names in Malta's automotive sector. They specialise in wheel alignment, wheel balancing, punctures and tyre service, wheel repair and refurbishing, oil changing, car servicing, steering checks, suspension inspection, brake inspection and clutch replacements.

Fastlane also stock a wide range of tyres, wheels, shocks & springs, braking equipment, car accessories, racing accessories, sound equipment, bodykits and batteries!

Fastlane have chosen to make use of MaltaCarMarket.com's advertising services for a year. Fastlane's staff are extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I have rarely been met with such interest and professionalism and I am sure that you, as a customer, will definitely be impressed by their excellent service!

For more details see our Auto Directory listing.

Auto Directory Premium Listings (22/12/2009)

Our Auto Directory is growing with more and more companies choosing to make their brands more accessible to their customers and truly representing a desire to offer excellent service to their customers. We would like to thank the following companies for taking this initiative:

Leading companies are encouraged to purchase Premium Listing which offers features such as a company logo, a link to the company website and brief description of the services provided by the company in order to ensure maximum exposure to their target audience.

Easier Price Input (10/10/2009)

The Sell Vehicles and Sell Parts and Accessories forms have been updated after a suggestion by one of our members. Users can now input their desired price in Euro or in Maltese Liri and an in-built calculator will determine the corresponding price.

This should help make the information on MaltaCarMarket.com even more accurate.

Updates Implemented (01/07/2009)

The planned updates have been implemented throughout the site with an additional feature which will inform registered users of a new message on every page throughout the site and not only through a notification e-mail.

MaltaCarMarket.com has also broken personal records with over 240 visits and over 4,900 pageviews in a single day.



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