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The following FAQs exist as guideline solutions to the most common problems a user may encounter. If your problem is not solved to your full satisfaction after reading the FAQs, contact support on info@maltacarmarket.com with full details of your problem.


What is MaltaCarMarket.com?
MaltaCarMarket.com is a site dedicated to bringing local automotive buyers and sellers together in a single user-friendly environment allowing sellers to make the best profits on their sales and buyers to search for the hottest bargains around!

Do I have to pay to register?
No, registration is completely free and so are all the services provided by MaltaCarMarket.com, however, you may leave a donation in order to help cover the expenses of maintaining the site and aiding us in providing you with the best service possible! (www.maltacarmarket.com/mcm/donate.php)

How can I view all the items?
You can either click the link on the main page or, in the search form at the top of the page, leave the keywords field empty, select whether you would like to view 'Cars' or 'Parts & Accressories' and click on the search button. This will result in all the items appearing in the search results.

How do I place an item for sale?
Simply register, login, locate the 'Sell' button on the menu bar, select whether you wish to sell 'Vehicles' or 'Parts and Accessories', fill in the form with the required data and press submit. It's that easy!

What can I do to increase the chances of a successful sale?
Ensure that the way your item is advertised is user-friendly! Make sure you upload a clear image of the actual item and fill in all the details correctly. Rate your item's condition appropriately when advertising and ensure that the description you submit is short, clear and to the point without excluding any important details.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?
The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy page describes the terms and conditions applicable to your use of our services available under the domain and sub-domains of www.MaltaCarMarket.com.

My item isn't displayed on the main page slideshow. Why?
Only Vehicles appear on the main page slideshow, Parts & Accessories do not. The main page slide show is also moderated and items deemed inappropriate (such as an image of extremely low quality or not of the actual item) could cause your item to be excluded from this slideshow. You will be notified in such cases and your item will be allowed to appear on the main page slideshow once these details are changed and are deemed appropriate.

When does my item appear online?
Your item will appear online and will be listed in the search results immediately after a successful upload.

How long can I display something for sale?
Your item can be displayed for sale for as long as you desire, provided that the terms and conditions are not changed. In this case, the new rules will apply.

How can I move my item back to the first page of results?
If your item has been advertised on MaltaCarMarket.com for over a month and has not yet been sold, you can have it moved to the first page of results every month by having the 'Date Added' reset. In order to do this, please send an e-mail to info@maltacarmarket.com with your Username and the Item ID of that particular item. Please ensure that 1 month has passed since item listing commenced.

How much do I pay for advertising an item on MaltaCarMarket.com?
Advertising your item is completely free, however, if you feel the urge to leave a donation (for example if you've just made a sale through the services provided by MaltaCarMarket), you may do so at www.maltacarmarket.com/mcm/donate.php

Is there a limited number of items I can sell or display on the site?
There is no limit on the number of items you can sell or display on MaltaCarMarket.com, provided that the terms and conditions are not changed. In this case, the new rules will apply. Duplicate items are not allowed.

To whom are my personal details visible?
For security reasons, your personal details are only visible to registered and verified users of MaltaCarMarket.com. However, in order to preserve integrity and provide buyers with the best service possible, we are required to allow these same registered users to view your username, name, location, contact number and e-mail address (in the same way that you would give these out when selling your items through other means). Your name and surname will not be given out together as a precaution taken in order to protect your identity.

How do I purchase an item from MaltaCarMarket.com?
MaltaCarMarket.com does not accept payments from users for any items. All payments must be made directly to the seller by means of the Seller Details information found on each item's 'More Info' page.

Do I have to register to sell an item on MaltaCarMarket.com?
Yes, in order to maintain the integrity of the site, you must be a registered user in order to sell an item on MaltaCarMarket.com

Do I have to register to buy an item on MaltaCarMarket.com?
You may search all the items available on the site whether or not you are a registered user, however, in order to maintain the integrity of the site and the privacy of the sellers, you must be a registered user in order to view the 'Seller Details' on any item.

If I own a business, can I sell my items on MaltaCarMarket.com?
Yes, feel free to use the service provided by MaltaCarMarket.com to boost your business. However, it is strongly suggested that you use the name of your business as your username. If a business is operating under a username deemed inappropriate, you will be contacted and your username modified. As a business, you must also opt to be Premium listed in our Auto Direcory in order to make use of our services. More details are available here.

Forgot my password. What can I do?
Simply follow this link to the 'Forgot Password' page (www.maltacarmarket.com/mcm/forgotpassword.php) and fill in the required details. A new password will be generated automatically and sent to your registered e-mail address. It is strongly suggested that this password is then changed from the 'Modify User Details' page found in the 'My Account' section.

Why am I not receiving important e-mails from MaltaCarMarket.com?
Firstly, check your spam inbox as some mail servers do sometimes inaccurately consider them as spam. Also, check that you have not turned off the option to receive notifications from the 'Modify User Details' page.


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